In 2018, I went to great lengths to partner with other artist organizations who do the same work as Unity. Those partnerships included Manifesto, Black Canvas, The Remix Project, Black Owned Unity, Redbull Canada, Artscape, The Margins Of Era Gallery and once again R.I.S.E. and Arts Starts. We also focused heavily on bringing our events into communities and spaces where our youth audiences live and practise their art.

1_0008_Layer 1

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Steve “Icey” Senga
EDITOR: Andy Gavin Hicks


1_0007_Layer 1 copy

Instead of hosting our free outdoor concert inside one of Toronto’s outdoor performance spaces, we took over the entire space inside and around Artscape Daniels Spectrum: a community cultural hub in Toronto’s Regent Park, home to many outstanding arts-based and community focused organizations.

Between 3 PM – 8 PM we hosted a number of workshops in dance, spoken word, beatbox, and graffiti while Black Owned Unity curated a marketplace with local black-owned clothing, jewellery, and food vendors. At night we focused on our first 19+ event with live performances by local Toronto favourites Zaki Ibrahim, Witch Prophet, Just John, The Sorority, Adria Kain and one of my personal favourites Monte Booker from Chicago.


1_0006_Layer 1 copy 2

Six individual paid Facebook event pages were created in conjunction with all partnerships with a total reach of just over 20.5 K accounts and just over 2500 responses and engagements.


1_0005_Layer 1 copy 3

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Steve “Icey” Senga
EDITOR: Andy Gavin Hicks


1_0004_Layer 1 copy 4

On day two we returned to Underpass Park for the annual Dance and Beatbox exhibition highlighting not only breaking and Hip-Hop dance but also hustle, dancehall, house, wacking, and popping.


1_0003_Layer 1 copy 5

5000 double-sided flyers were distributed at several major festivals, club events, community hubs and over 1000 homes in the Regent Park neighbourhood near Daniels Spectrum.


1_0002_Layer 1 copy 6

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Steve “Icey” Senga
EDITOR: Andy Gavin Hicks


1_0000_Layer 1 copy 8

Once again the festival started with a visual art exhibition alongside the spoken word show inside the Margins of Era Gallery, a multidisciplinary arts space dedicated to showcasing the work of new generational artists who live and work on the margins.



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