In 2017 I expanded Unity’s presence inside the Bloor-Mirvish Village area at David Pecaut Square, home to both Toronto Fashion Week and The Luminato Festival, Underpass Park (a new urban space inside the Waterfront/Corktown Corridor), and Geary Lane (a part of Dovercourt Village area set to become the new neighbourhood-wide commercial renaissance).

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EDITOR: Andy Gavin Hicks


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For our free outdoor concert showcase we relocated to David Pecaut Square and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary Hip-Hop group Main Source’s album Breaking Atoms. Both Large Professor and K-Cut played before an audience of over 5000 attendees alongside newcomers Tobi, Los Poetas, The Sorority, Jayd Ink and Ebhoni.


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EDITOR: Andy Gavin Hicks


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On day two we were very excited to host the annual Dance & Beatbox exhibition at Underpass Park. We were one of the first institutions to hold a major event in one of the most extensive parks ever built under an overpass in Canada, and the first ever in Toronto.


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3000 8 page booklets were distributed at several festival and concert events. 3 Paid facebook event listings reached over 8500 accounts with 2200 event views and 1000 post engagements. On Instagram, 53 individual artist posts were created with an average of 1000 impressions per post.


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Partnering with Vibe Arts and Sketch we started the 2017 Festival with the Spoken Word Exhibition at Geary Lane, a new Toronto hub for culture and creativity who aim to build a strong bond with a diverse community of local and international creatives. Instead of hosting an art show this year, Unity’s lead graffiti artists spent several days painting a large mural the entire length of the venue that served as the visual backdrop for the event.

We also hosted two of Canada’s leading artist educators: Stephen “Buddha” Leafloor, an internationally recognized social worker and founder of Blueprintforlife and Dr. Audrey Hudson, an assistant professor at OCAD University where she developed two courses on the influence of Hip Hop in design practices. Both hosts spoke about how their programs empower and effect change in individuals and communities.



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