Third Culture was an exhibition of multi-media works curated by myself in conjunction with OCAD  that examined and interrogated the historical and ongoing dilemmas of multiculturalism. The artists featured used technological, sonic and visual arts combining elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy and magic realism.

As members of a Third Culture, they have relationships with many cultures, and no ownership of any one culture in particular/ they often interact with many varied cultural communities, and acknowledge that this world of multiple cultures is a valid place of belonging, even if one doesn’t feel rooted in one geographical place or ethnicity.

This project, as part of the annual Nuit Blanche showcase in downtown Toronto which attracted over 3000 attendees through out the night presented contemporary African and South Asian art, both of which get scant representation in Sid the gallery system and outside specific ethno-cultural communities. It was our intention to provide a meeting point for diverse artistic voices and viewers.


Andy Gavin Hicks, Ayesha Mansur, Darcy Obokata, Hakili Don, Ingrid Mesquita, Kyle “Gripski” Hough. Liam Crockard, Matt “Destro” Langford, Minesh Mandoda, Nep Sidhu, Rajni Perera, Sap Meynert, Sara Golish and Todd Westendorp


Andycapp, Myth Paradise, Unbuntu, & Liam Crockard

4_0000_Layer 1 copy 16



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